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Celorio is, due to technology and quality, the best tortilla maker that exists in Mexico and the world.

But the greatest virtue of being called Celorio is that it produces the best tortilla on the market: the only, authentic and traditional Mexican tortilla.

This benefit, that of producing the best tortilla, is the most important competitive argument that will differentiate your business from other tortilla factories in your area of ​​influence.

CELORIO tortilla machines, first place in efficiency, low gas consumption and best final product.

Quality award.–

In a recent evaluation carried out by the Secretary of Economy and the Undersecretary of Small and Medium Enterprises for the Fide seal and for the selection of brands that meet the quality standards to participate in the “my tortilla” program, the CELORIO Tortilladoras stood out for its excellent quality and performance.

In this evaluation, the CELORIO Tortilla Machines were classified in First Place for being more efficient, having the best gas consumption and producing the highest quality tortillas.

*Report of quality tests carried out on 11 different brands of tortilla machines on September 3, 4, 5 and 6, 2008.

The new line of KS tortillas from CELORIO, fully adapted to the new government standards and regulations on health and safety at work, thus becomes the best option to start or expand your business within this noble industry.

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