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The 70KS model, like the 100KS, has slimmed down its chassis and modified its ignition system, recycling heat circulation and reducing gas consumption by up to 25%.

In addition, its side panel has been converted into an easy-open door that simplifies control of the entire operation.

The New 70KS is the ideal machine for tortilla shops or businesses that require a moderate production of daily tortillas.

The inclusion of the new solenoid valve prevents possible explosions caused by electrical blackouts, protecting the operation of the equipment and increasing work safety.

Technical data:

• Production 70 kg of dough/hour equivalent to 2000 tortillas/hour

• Gas consumption: 3.00 kg/hour

• 2 Hp motor.

• Three-phase 220v at 60 Hz.

• Height: 1.50m.

• Length: 3.05m.

• Width: 1.15m.

Important points:

• Electrical start

• Safety solenoid valve

• Covers cams and protective caps

• Mesh cleaning brushes

• Olan removal system

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