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Its thinner chassis generates more heat with lower gas consumption and its innovative ignition system is faster and more efficient, allowing the machine to be turned on and off more quickly and with less consumption.

Another great benefit of the 100KS model is the quality of the tortilla, which, due to its new, more compact cooking system, generates a high-quality product, impossible to obtain in other equipment.

Important points:

• Slimmer chassis

• Electronic start

• Safety solenoid valve

• Covers cams and protective caps

• Mesh cleaning brushes

• Olan removal system

• Lower gas consumption

• Best final product

• Best final product

Technical data:

• Production: 3100 tortillas/hour

• Gas consumption: 3.00 Kg/hour

• 2 2 Hp Motors

• Three-phase: 220V-60 Hz

Note: The technical data should not be considered the limits.

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